exibition and trade fair


Exhibitors: 913
Trade Fair visitors:           61,478 from 100 countries
Exhibition space (sqm)     226,667
Cycle of event:                  Every three (3) years
Venue of event: Frankfurt/M, Germany
Website: www.iffa.com


IFFA is the platform for meat processing industry and the world foremost forum for investment decisions since its inception. It is the leading trade fair for processing, packaging and selling for the meat industry This is where technology meets business. This trade fair covers the fields of slaughtering, dismembering, processing, weighing, filling, packaging, conveying, cooling, storing, transportation, spices, additives for meat. It offers the best in terms of machinery and equipment for all stages from slaughtering, processing, packaging and selling.

Categories on show:

Slaughtering technology
Stunning apparatus and slaughtering devices   Poultry abattoir equipment
Red-meat abattoir equipment Slaughter by-product processing equipment including intestines


Dismembering and processing equipment
Machinery and equipment for meat dismembering and processing   Machinery and equipment for meat curing and preservation
Machinery and equipment for sausage production Poultry processing machinery and equipment
Sausage filling equipment Machines and devices for processing of natural and artificial casings


Facilities, accessories and tools for slaughtering, cutting and processing
Suction plants   Slaughter and hacking knives
Slaughtering lines and dismembering lines Knives, cutting tools and blades
Meat hooks Butcher's steels


Roasting, frying, baking and deep-frying equipment
Baking, roasting and frying equipment   Ovens, baking chambers
Continuous roasting and frying equipment Cooking equipment, cooking systems (steamers)
Roasting vessels Microwave ovens
Deep frying equipment Boiling and smoking systems
Deep frying equipment, continuous  


Refrigeration equipment
Cold facilities, cold tunnels and rooms   Blast freezers
Refrigerators Cold store systems
Ice makers Cold-room furniture
Deep freeze units, freezing equipment Air coolers
Water coolers  


Automation and handling equipment
Robotics   Vacuum skin packaging machines
Grab equipment Shrink-wrap foil machinery
Pick & place systems Vacuum packing equipment with and without gas
Packing equipment Labelling equipment
Metering and portioning equipment  
Clip sealing machines  


Transport and storage systems
Transport systems, internal   Fork lift trucks
Elevators Transport systems, external
Conveyor belts, tracks Refrigerated vehicles
Chain belt conveyors, tubular tracks Trailers
Loading systems Container inserts
Winding equipment Storage systems


Weighing systems
Filling scales   Retail scales
Container scales Composite weighing systems
Platform scales (elevated weighers, floor scales, livestock scales) Mobile weighing systems
Hanging rail scales Industrial terminals
Precision compact scales, analysis and laboratory Manual weighing and labelling systems
Self-service scales Automatic weighing and labelling systems


Foodstuff safety and quality management
Measuring, control & feedback control systems   Process control, process-control engineering and automation
Meat classification equipment EDP and IT solutions
Fat measurement equipment Cleaning equipment, operational hygiene and safety at work
pH metering equipment Safety at work
Temperature-measuring devices Working clothes
Laboratory analysis Cold store clothing
Protein analysis systems Protective gloves, metal-mesh, textile and others
Laboratory analysis equipment  

Specialist shop fittings and shop furnishings
Ventilation systems (including ventilators)   LED display lighting
Lighting systems and devices Baking and frying ovens, combination steamer, gas cooker, deep-fryers and pizza ovens
Industrial fume-extractor systems Ice-cube and flake-ice makers
Shop and point of sale fittings (counters, shelves and racking) Potato and vegetable peeling machines, peeling and cutting machines in general
Stainless-steel equipment and furniture for butcher's shops Sealing devices for food dishes
Refrigeration machines and freezing devices Washing and cleaning agents
  Meat tenderizer


Products for catering and party services
Decorations, serviettes, table cloths made of plastic, paper, etc.   Transport and vehicles
Glasses, dishes and cutlery Vehicle interior fitments and shelf systems
Grill stones and hot plates Mobile refrigeration vehicles, sales trailers
Party-service equipment, serving aids and carving equipment Mobile kitchen technology (barbecue equipment, ovens and wood-fired ovens)
Packaging and transport boxes Transporters and delivery vehicles
Carving sets, trays and serving plates  

Energy management and supply facilities for water, compressed air, gases

Spices and additives for meat and sausage production