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Visa and Travel Requirement


Having a valid entry visa into the schengen countries which includes Germany is compulsory for any business traveler outside the European Union.

Preparing adequately for your visa interview/application is also very essential. Documentation differs from country to country. Knowing and having these documents ready is an important step towards a successful visa interview. Please click on your country below and it would take you to the German Embassy website of your country. From here you can download the necessary documents needed for the application of a business visa.

The German Embassy frowns strongly on fake documents. Please we advise you not to submit any fake document. If you do not have any particular document requested for, inform the embassy rather than faking one.

For adequate preparation/documentation, please click on your country below:

Nigeria   www.abuja.diplo.de
Ghana   www.ghana.diplo.de
Cameroun   www.jaunde.diplo.de
Benin   www.cotonou.diplo.de
Togo   www.Lome.diplo.de
Gambia   www.dakar.diplo.de
Sierrea leone   www.freetown.diplo.de
Liberia   www.liberia.diplo.de